Here are links to other blogs and websites that are very useful for further reading. Rewilding Europe is a trans-European partnership of organisations with the aim of increasing biodiversity, rewilding areas of Europe and bringing back species. – The website of the British Ecological Society that Ron is a student member of. They encourage the connection between students, researchers and professionals in ecology. They offer funding, workshops, conferences and seminars to increase ecological knowledge and to share the latest research news. – The student-run FEAST project at the University of Stirling, promoting sustainability, recycling, reusing, gardening and a healthier life style among the student population. – A conservation blog with insightful articles about conservation and ecology issues as well as news on current projects by researchers within the University of Stirling. – The website of my tutor, Prof Alistair Jump, researcher and lecturer in plant ecology of the University of Stirling. – A blog by Stirling ecosystem researcher and lecturer, Dr Jens-Arne Subke. – The website of tropical ecologist, Dr Timothy Paine, researcher and lecturer at the University of Stirling and expert on imitating monkey calls. – The Riverside Bakery in Stirling, run by my friends Théo, Tom and Nils. Delicious organic bread to be had every week. – George Monbiot’s brilliant blog, a collection of his guardian articles on the latest news around the world.

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