About Ron


Ron Rotbarth

BSc Environmental Science

University of Stirling, United Kingdom

Research interests:

  • restoration of terrestrial ecosystems, including concepts of ‘rewilding’ and their socio-economic implications (e.g. conservation conflicts)

  • effects of climate change, fragmentation and degradation on biodiversity within terrestrial habitats, especially forests across all ecoregions

  •  site-specific and landscape-scale conservation management actions of forested areas and their effectiveness in protecting flora and fauna

  • geographical information systems and remote sensing technologies as a novel aid in assessing landscape-scale and global changes in habitat extent and biodiversity

  • outdoor education and ecotourism and their use to increase public awareness of rewilding activities


After a successful profession in economics and finance, Ron changed pathways to persue a career that allowed him to meet his passion for the natural world which he developed from a very young age. Currently an undergraduate student in environmental science at the University of Stirling, Ron’s ambition is to dedicate his time to scientific research in the broad field of ecology and conservation.

With his experience working on various research projects on bird phenology, lamprey habitat and abundance in Scotland and rewilding management actions in Bulgaria as well as through his role as field assistant for the WrEN project on ecological networks in fragmented forests and their impact on wildlife, Ron has acquired and developed a broad set of skills in fieldwork, wildlife and botanical surveys, GIS and remote sensing technologies, statistical methods and experimental design.

Ron is now dedicated to advance his knowledge and skills through further education with the goal of eventually opening the doors to an academic or research-related career. As much as he is driven to learn about the natural world, he is also highly committed to pass on his knowledge to the wider public through the means of nature education programmes and outdoor education. His keen interests in outdoor activities such as hill walking, climbing and trail running provide him with the right amount of motivation and dedication to achieve his goals.

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